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Take Care of Sensitive Skin with Mass Eden

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Let’s dispense with an old myth many of us seem to still hang onto: Taking care of yourself is not selfish. There’s nothing egotistical or “me, me, me” about self-care. Good. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about a fantastic new body care brand, MASS EDEN.

MASS EDEN is a green beauty brand that focuses on preserving the personal identity of health-conscious and sensitive skin consumers. Founded by TL Robinson, MASS EDEN’s whole model is geared around being consumer-centric so that they take health concerns and perceptions of brand identity into consideration. They have a consumer feedback process that informs the moves they make to ensure that consumer needs are cared for. In that way, they can consistently provide natural and organic body care products formulated specifically to satisfy the needs of sensitive skin.

The founder of the company battled with her own sensitive skin issues, and not until she found body care products crafted by local farmers when vacationing in Cuba, did she realize the true importance of ingredient selection. She also learned how detrimental artificial ingredients can be.

All of MASS EDEN’s products are gender neutral and formulated for anyone, no matter your skin type. While their products are designed to care for sensitive skin, they have amazing effects on the skin of any condition.

They currently have three main products they’ve released on their site. Let’s go over each of them and how they work.

Light Oil

MASS EDEN Light Oil includes a natural formula that moisturizes dry skin allowing it to show its natural glow. A quick look at the ingredients (Camellia Seed Oil, Argan Kernel Oil, etc.) and you know you’re not putting a slather of chemicals on your face. It’s all natural and designed to improve your skin’s health.

Dark Oil

Their Dark Oil, also all-natural, was designed to hydrate dull or parched skin without leaving an oil trail. Coffee arabica oil provides antioxidants directly to the skin while releasing a luxurious aroma.

Facial Steam

And then there’s the Facial Steam which is an absolutely delightful at-home spa-like treatment that allows for a deeper clean of your skin. This organic and botanical tea helps prepare skin to accept moisture.

As we near the end of October, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays and specifically, what gifts we’re going to get our family and friends. Any combination of MASS EDEN’s featured products might just do the trick.

Head on over to Masseden.com to peruse their collection and purchase yours today.

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