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Yacker Tracker – Visual Noise Signal for Your Work Environment | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Are you having trouble with too much noise coming from your rambunctious group of excited kids? Sometimes you just need them to take it down a notch.

Well, check out the Yacker Tracker.

This visual noise signal tool lets the group know when noise levels are getting too high. It resembles a traffic signal with red, yellow, and green lights. The green smiley face lets everyone know they’re keeping it at a pleasant level. The yellow lets them know that levels are rising and the red frowny face reminds them to lower the volume. It’s an easy way to help kids monitor their own levels so you can accomplish a quiet environment ideal for learning and working, which is perfect for kids as young as kindergarten all the way up through 12th grade.

In fact, this convenient little reminder has worked wonders in office spaces where open office concepts can result in a noisy and distracting environment.

By giving everyone a visual cue, employees can take responsibility and course correct the volume of their voice. You can customize the Yacker Tracker to the sound level that’s best for your situation.

To purchase yours today head on over to Yackertracker.com.

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