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LuMee to Release Smartphone Case That Lights Up to the Beat in the Club

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By: Ramon Martinez

As we ready ourselves for CES 2019 in Vegas, we thought we’d warm you up with a bit of fun news out of the LuMee camp. The company known for adding lights to their phone cases, has just announced that they’re planning to showcase a new club-thumping case at CES.

The Duo Vibes case lights up, like their cases are known to do, but it goes a step further. The lights thump along to the beat for a cool lighting effect that only adds to the club atmosphere.

The concept of “lights on phone case” is actually quite brilliant (pun intended, but I didn’t even have to say it, did I?). Much like the new case, LuMee’s line of light-up cases are intended for dark clubs and venues where you want to take a picture and need some extra lighting to do the job right.

The Duo Vibes has light strips running up and down on both the front and back of the case, again, like the rest of their cases, but here’s where they got clever with it. They added a microcontroller and other bits to allow the case to pick up on sounds around it. That allows it to register and then translate the beat into a series of synced-up flashing lights.

The video that LuMee uploaded to demonstrate the Duo Vibes’ capabilities gives you a good idea of what to expect from the light-up case. When the beat goes nuts towards the end, you can really see the lights go to work.

They’ve seemingly made it simple and user-friendly. It doesn’t require an app to control it or to configure settings. You simply turn it on and allow it to listen to whatever music you or the DJ are playing. Anything with thumping percussion is best. EDM would probably throw your phone into all-out seizure, which would make for a cool light show.

So far there doesn’t seem to be any option for light colors other than white. I’m sure if it proves a popular item, they’ll add additional colors and effects in the future. You’ll be able to purchase the case for $80 towards the end of the month.


Ramon Martinez is a regular writer and tech beat producer for NewsWatch. He loves all things tech and exploring the newest gadgets.

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