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Limfinity – Software Platform for Life Science | NewsWatch Review

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Scientists who focus on the study of living things are called Life Scientists. As you can imagine, these scientists work with a massive amount of data that needs to be available at a moment’s notice.

Limfinity by RURO is an informatics platform designed specifically for them, fusing their specific business logic, data structure, workflow, and processes for a better, smarter, and faster solution.

Limfinity is a software platform for life science. Now what that can mean is that it’s a laboratory information management system.

It also could mean is that it’s used for clinical trial management or any number of functions in the laboratory. Limfinity solves the issues of poor data in the laboratory.

It solves the issue of regulatory compliance causing problems for a laboratory and, most of all, modernize labs.

The most important feature that Limfinity has is its brick functionality. But in addition to that, it’s very carefully designed to be highly integrable with laboratory instrumentation with other laboratory systems.

What Limfinity is able to do, because of its feature set, is create an essential data repository.

To learn more about Limfinity, head to RURO.com today.

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