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Destroy Free Radicals with Vitality | NewsWatch Review

Health Update

If you’ve been in search of the fountain of youth, you may have come across C60, a molecule frequently dispersed in oils which is said to be the biggest breakthrough in longevity and the greatest antioxidant known to man.

Well, one company making the best formulation of C60 oil is Allure with their Vitality C60 Rejuvenation Booster.

C60 is a sphere-shaped carbon molecule that is the strongest anti-oxidant known to man. It’s essentially 250 times more powerful than Vitamin C and when properly dispersed into Olive oil, can actually remove all the damaging free-radicals within the human body which is the basis of the majority of human diseases and heal DNA at a cellular level.

You can either inject Vitality C60 topically or you can ingest it orally. They utilize a pump system that’s original to their specific product and you just pump it right into your mouth one, two, three or four times depending on your weight.

The problem with the majority of products that are on the market is the quality of C60 is actually quite low and when the concentration is low, it makes it harder to see results in a short period of time.

In addition, Vitality C60’s manufacturing process is very original to their brand. They have a Nitrogen blanket that they put on top of their production process which reduces the oxygen exposure.

It’s recommended that everyday people should use this product and who want to improve their quality of life. Anyone who struggles from the day-to-day problems of feeling overworked, high-stress load, people who are suffering from inflammation in their joints, people who just want to have extra energy or have clearer thoughts.

Get your hands on your own Vitality C60 Rejuvenation Booster by heading to vitalityc60.com today.

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