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Owl Solutions – Maintenance-Free, Light-Up Outlet Cover | NewsWatch Review

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Nightlights provide peace of mind and comfort while also potentially preventing accidents when the lights are out. The best nightlight is the one you don’t have to think about and works when you need it.

Owl Power Solutions offers a maintenance-free light-up outlet cover that doesn’t take up outlet space. It fits all standard outlets and comes in several different colors.

Simply replace your current outlet cover with the briteOwl of your choice. After a quick install, your nightlight is ready to go.

The light sensor turns briteOwl on when the room is dark, providing enough illumination to light your path. And there’s a switch so you can turn off the nightlight, but the safety light will always be active.

briteOwl is powered by the electricity in your outlet but – and here’s what makes this little guy special – it contains a built-in rechargeable battery in case the power goes out.  It will keep going for 3 hours after a power outage, allowing you to get around and avoid any accidents.

Once the power is back the battery automatically recharges. This is especially useful for children and the elderly, and even great for fires – when you may be crawling to an exit.

To purchase briteOwl today, visit OwlPowerSolutions.com.

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