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PRC-Saltillo – Speech-Generating Device for Those Who are Communication Impaired | NewsWatch Review

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People with complex communication disorders, including speech, span a wide range of ages and abilities.

There’s no one solution that fits all to help them navigate the world.

PRC-Saltillo offers a number of speech-generating devices used with their own research-based proprietary language systems to help individuals with speech and language impairments successfully communicate and interact in their environment.

PRC’s nationwide-network of consultants assists SLPs, OTs and PTs to help get emerging communicators paired up with the right, language system and SGD that fits their unique needs.

PRC’s consultant network are themselves licensed and certified speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, special educators, and other professionals in communication development.

By pairing the client with the right SGD, language system and any additional access method, they ensure that communicator heads out into the world with the best solution that allows them to have successful interactions.

PRC even takes it a step further by checking in with the client later down the line to ensure that the device and language system are still serving the needs of the communicator.

Helping people with a wide range of speech and language disabilities requires a unique and
customized touch, which is exactly what PRC-Satillo offers.

To find out more and how they can help you or a loved one, visit Prentrom.com today.

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