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iPhone 11 – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Apple launched its new line of iPhones during September hoping that their introduction would spark a massive spike in the company’s profits.

Recent models of the iPhone had struggled to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace, sparking a big fall in their share price.

However, strong opening sales of the new phones have produced a near eight percent increase in Apple’s share value over the past month.

There are three phones in the product line – the 11, the 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max – with the former pitched as the entry-level model. Read on as we look at whether it is worth upgrading to an iPhone 11.

Improved features make the iPhone 11 a solid choice

Having priced the basic iPhone 11 at around $50 cheaper than the iPhone XR, Apple are clearly trying to make the new model attractive to consumers.

The 11 looks extremely like the XR, but some neat upgrades make it a big improvement on its predecessor.

Battery life has been significantly enhanced on the new phone, while the new camera set-up simply smashes the XR out of the ballpark.

The 720P LCD screen perhaps lacks some of the bells and whistles found on the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, although whether it is worth shelling out an additional $300 for either of those two models is debatable.

Gaming on the iPhone 11 is delightful

If you enjoy playing mobile games, the iPhone 11’s performance will be hugely important to you.

Thankfully Apple has delivered by installing a new A13 Bionic chip and third-generation Neural engine in the 11 series,

Fans of gaming titles like FIFA will also love the 11, with the phone’s new software ensuring that there is now no noticeable lag during gameplay.

The 11 also handled Fortnite with consummate ease, making it one of the best phones around for gaming aficionados.

Even online casinos have benefited from the iPhones new Bionic chip allowing players to play real money online casino games like video slots, blackjack while enjoying a better gaming experience with no lag and better graphics. It is the closest thing to real live gaming you can get from a mobile device

iPhone 11 – The verdict

There was a suspicion that Apple had lost its way with its iPhones, but the arrival of the 11 series has restored faith in the company’s products.

The 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will attract people who want the prestige of owning the flagship models, but the basic 11 is the one to buy if you’re not a smartphone snob.

With a competitive entry price point and impressive gaming performance, upgrading to the iPhone 11 makes perfect sense.

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