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How Much Should You Expect To Pay For Drain Repair And What Influences It?

A leaking drain can be a homeowner’s worst fears. Unlike a sewer line, a drain transports a lot of water to various areas. So, if it gets damaged, you can experience floods in your home, and that comes with an awful smell that is distributed throughout the entire home. So, it is advisable to carry out drain repair immediately you notice something amiss with your drain lines.

However, one thing you might be worried about is the cost of repairing your drains. How much does a drain repair cost, and what determines it? Continue reading below to get help from professionals.

  1. Drain Pipe Repair Cost.

The drain lines in your home are as old as the home itself. In some older homes, this could imply that the drain lines are as old as 50 to 100 years and counting. Continuous exposure to thaw cycles, moisture, freeze and other natural forces causes the pipes to wear and tear over time. So it is a good idea to repair them regularly. On average, a homeowner pays $549 for drain repair while others spend up to $1500. However, the cost of drain pipe repair is determined by some factors.

  1. Factors That Influence the Cost of Drain Pipe Repair.

Unlike the peeling paint, it is not easy to diagnose the source of the drain problem. These drains run from your home to the waste source and sometimes identifying the problem could be challenging. Besides locating the problem, other factors impact on the repair cost of your drain pipes.

  1. Location.

The first thing your plumber will do when it comes to drain repair is identifying where the problem is alone the pipe. It is not in your home, repairing the issue will need excavation of the soil so to get access to the drain. This exercise is time-consuming and costly as the drains are buried deep in the soil and can extend several metres. There also comes an issue of clean-up, which also adds up to the cost.

  1. Cause of Break.

This also impacts on drain repair Toronto cost. The drain issue could be as a result of rust, damage by tree roots or a clog. Of all these three causes, the worst one that can happen is the tree roots. Sadly, you cannot relocate the drainpipe, so the only option is to get rid of the tree. Sad. To get rid of it, it will cost you on average $650, excluding the plumber costs, landscape replacements and land digging cost.

  1. Clean-up Costs.

After drain repair Toronto, you have to deal with property damage costs. While this is not directly accounted in the drain line costs, it should be included to get an accurate cost of repairing your drain.

If the leaking drains flooded your home, that means you would have to replace the affected wood, carpets and wall decorations. On the same note, if some wood furniture got in conduct with water, chances are you will have to repair the affected areas, or worst, throw it away. If the tree roots were involved, you would buy new asphalt and cement. All these costs range between $300-$2000.

  1. Common Drain Line Problems.

If you still wondering whether you should call a professional to do drain repair, consider these scenarios.

  1. Repetitive Clogs.

Many nasty things go down the drain through our sewerage systems. When some people see a clog, they opt to clean it themselves. That is okay. But if the same issue keeps on re-occurring, then the problem could be more significant than you think. Perhaps, there are other bigger clogs further down the drain that you cannot see.

  1. Slow Drains.

Do you watch how first water flows when you flush your toilet or when you open tub in your skin? A slow drain may imply there is a clog or the pipes are narrowing due to debris, grease and oil build up in the pipes.

  1. Flooding.

Possibly the biggest problem that can occur when your drains are clogged. Sadly, this problem brings other costs apart from the usual repair expenses due to the destructions the water causes in your home.

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