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Dorsum Exospine – Support Your Back and Relieve Stress | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

A staggering 80% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives.  Between work and recreation, there’s an endless variety of activities putting undue stress on your shoulders, lower back, and spine. What we need is a better way to support us while relieving the stress.

That’s exactly what the Dorsum Exospine is designed to do. The Dorsum Exospine is a flexible back support posture enhancer that fits snugly in your lumbar region, the most vulnerable area of your back.

back brace

This back-saver effortlessly supports your back, follows your movement, and reminds you to maintain great posture.

After all, it’s bad posture that leads to so much of our back pain. Unlike other back alignment products on the market, the Dorsum Exospine uses Flexible Support, working to reduce back pain rather than simply rehabilitating after it’s already started hurting.

It doesn’t restrict your body’s movements but instead encourages the body to move properly during repetitive movements.

Without restricting movements and with real ergonomic support for your body, the Dorsum Exospine works toward increasing your healthy and active life.

Find out more about this innovative back support solution today by searching for “Dorsum Exospine” on Indiegogo.

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