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Zeba Shoes – Fully Functioning, Hands-Free Sneaker | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

For as long as humans have been placing shoes on their feet, designers have been trying to crack the slip-on shoe.

Sure, there are sandals, flip-flops & loafers, but how many have perfected the fully-functioning shoe that slips on without the use of your hands?

That is, until Zeba. Zeba Shoes are hands-free sneakers that require absolutely no bending, are effortless to put on, and save time.

hands-free sneaker

After tying them to your liking, you’ll never have to use your hands to get them on. Just slip your feet in and go. Slipping off is just as easy.

It’s seamless! This is practically a lifesaver for the elderly, the overweight, those suffering from hip & back pain, and even for pregnant women.

And let’s face it, it’s even perfect for us lazy people! But with Zeba, you don’t have to worry about struggling and cramming your feet into your sneakers and crushing the heel area.

The secret to Zeba’s brilliant design is their unique collapsible heel which springs back once your foot is inside. Zeba’s removable memory foam inner soles provide extreme comfort and are going to become your new absolute favorite sneaker.

To purchase your very own, please visit ZebaShoes.com today.

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