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Why You Should Go Through Your TV Backlog

We have been living in a golden age of television and entertainment, to the degree that it’s impossible to catch up with it all. This likely means that you have something of a television backlog of shows that you’ve been meaning to watch, catch up on, or try out. And many of those shows are excellent and worth every moment of your time.

Here are a few reasons you should revisit the past and catch up:

There Hasn’t Been a Better Time

Recent events have it so that many people have had to spend more time indoors and have more free time in general, which for many means more time watching television or engaging with other media. If you find yourself in such a situation, there might not be a better time to watch some of your backlog without any guilt or feelings that you’re going to get left behind. All you need is a little time set aside each day!

It’s Easy to Cherry-Pick the Best

Now you can learn which television shows have been considered or most popular the best over the past decade or so, and then easily access them via one service or another. With many people publishing retrospectives and your friend’s opinions fully formed, you can determine the cream of the crop without putting in any legwork yourself. At the very least, you’ll have a very good position to start from as you go through your backlog.

You Can Avoid the Buzz

When the media and people online are talking about a show, it can be harder to form your own opinion. Recency bias is a real thing when it comes to entertainment, and by watching the shows of the past, you can look at it with an objective, independent eye that will allow you to not only better analyze what you’re watching but give you a better idea of what you’re looking for from future programs.

You Can Do It Anywhere

With the number of streaming apps available to the average consumer, alongside on-demand services from networks and cable providers, it’s easy to watch a show from anywhere inside or outside of your home. A pair of earbuds and a smartphone are all you need.


Technology has allowed people to watch more content than ever, and people are taking advantage of that opportunity every single day. Will you do the same and go through your backlog, or will you mostly focus on what’s out today and the cutting edge? There’s no wrong answer, but the question is one worth considering.

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