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Find the Best Aesthetic Surgeon with the Squlptr App


There comes a time in our lives when we start to see things in the mirror that we’re not entirely happy with. For some, it might be a small thing, for others they might want a more drastic change to their image. This weighs on us so heavily, there’s an entire industry that caters to this desire.

Putting your trust in an aesthetic surgeon (also known as a plastic surgeon) is no more nerve-wracking than trusting any other medical surgeon who’s going to operate on your body. You want to make sure the specialist is experienced and competent. It doesn’t matter if they’re just giving you a “tummy tuck” or a “facelift.”

A tummy tuck or facelift requires going to work on your body with medical tools, so you have to do your research. Thankfully the Squlptr app helps you find an aesthetic surgeon not unlike the way you find that special someone on any of the top dating apps.

Just like those top dating apps, you’ll swipe right or left on local aesthetic surgeons that are presented to you. All surgeons listed on Squlptr are vetted and board-certified, so you won’t get any back-alley pirates looking to take a knife to you. Surgeons are specialists in the following areas: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dermatology, Facial Plastic Surgery or Oculoplastic Surgery.

You can review before and after photos from their past procedures, and then through this simple swiping procedure reminiscent of the top dating apps like Bumble, you’ll narrow down the best results from your local area. This system is a great way to not only weed out the sub-par surgeons in your area with negative reviews, but it also gives up and coming aesthetic surgeons a leg-up without having to invest in large-scale advertising efforts. We’ve all seen those billboards and there’s no way a new surgeon is going to be able to afford that right out the gate.

Users can even start dialogue with surgeons directly through the Squlptr app. The scheduling and video consultation features in the app are HIPAA compliant to ensure everything’s on the up and up.

If you’re looking for an aesthetic surgeon for anything from dermatological help to that tummy tuck or facelift you’ve always wanted, then Squlptr’s your best bet. You can download the Squlptr app to your iPhone in the App Store or visit their site at Squlptr.com for more information.

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