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Candy Box Subscriptions from Japan – TokyoTreat

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Japan is steeped in a rich and beautiful culture. From the art to the food, there’s nothing quite like it. The food is so unique to Japan that even when it’s replicated elsewhere it never captures the spirit of it fully. That’s true of the food and that’s especially true of the snacks and treats.

Snacks and candy in Japan are like a rush of flavor that is completely foreign to anything you’d find in the U.S. If you ever find yourself in a Japanese candy store you might feel overwhelmed at the sheer volume and variety on the shelves. I know I was, after only a simple stroll through the shops in Narita International Airport.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to dip your toes in the Japanese snack world without ever having to leave the comfort of your home and without having your head spin at the sheer volume of choices.

TokyoTreat offers boxes of snacks on a subscription basis, designed to introduce even the most uninitiated to the world of Japanese snacks. This company is on a mission to share their love of Japanese candy, snacks and drinks with the whole world by shipping boxes of snacks curated for each month.

Each snack and candy contained in these candy box subscriptions are meant to provide an eye-opening and mouth-watering experience in order to expand the horizons of the person lucky enough to crack into the treats box. TokyoTreat boxes of snacks include 17 full-size treats and 1 unique drink you’ve probably never heard of. The treats are a mixture of both sweet and savory, so you get to taste the breadth of snack flavors.

A treats box might have a bag of Wasabi-flavored Doritos, Citrus Mint KitKats or Sakura Oreos. While those are twists on some of your favorite American snacks, you’ll see plenty of things you’ve probably never heard of and absolutely will never find in the states. That includes treats like Lemon Squid Snacks, Darjeeling Tea Cookies, Chicken Ramen Snacks and Bubbly Taiyaki: Chocolate Watermelon. I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and that extends to snacks, so I’m always game for something new and different. This checks both of those boxes.

Drinks are equally unique with names like Vanilla Orange Coke and Frozen Coca Cola Lemon. These rare flavors perfectly complement your treats box.

Candy box subscriptions are a great way to find new snacks, and TokyoTreat is a great way to discover the awesome uniqueness of Japanese sweet and savory treats. Sign up at TokyoTreat.com.

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