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Move Aside Texting and Calling: Major New Ways in Which Users Interact with their Mobile Devices in 2021

Mobile tech in our current environment helps to provide entertainment to even the busiest of people who are always on-the-go

It’s clear that today’s society is enjoying the benefits of the smartphone revolution, having access to an entire world of information and entertainment on devices that are able to fit nicely into any pocket. 21st century technologies are continously advancing forwards, allowing mobile phone developers to deliver the latest and greatest products to their eager consumers.

These consistent advancements have dramatically transformed the ways in which we, as users, interact with these devices. Long gone are the days of solely using the phone for answering WhatsApp or iMessage texts and receiving calls. Ironically, the activity that mobiles were primarily designed for is now occupying a back seat in favor of other choices.

Nowadays people are taking advantage of the industry’s upgrades and utilizing their devices for other purposes. Below we’ll take a look at a few of the major activities modern mobile users are spending their time utilizing these days.

Gaming in its many varieties

One of the things mobile users look forward to doing most on their devices is engaging in thrilling gaming sessions on-the-go. The number of cumulative mobile gamers is increasing by approximately 46% each year, causing it to be one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. By the looks of these numbers, the trend has no intention of going out of style anytime soon.

Among the most popular are puzzle, strategy, and trivia games, according to expert statistics. Popular apps like Temple Run, Candy Crush, and Fruit Ninja are normally loved by casual gamers looking to get in some entertainment between commutes. For users who enjoy games with strategic elements, chess, poker, and checkers are preferred activities.

Although these specific games have roots that can be traced back thousands of years ago, they now occupy the digital environment and are therefore much easier to enjoy at any time of day. For example, poker’s online presence gives players around-the-clock access and connection with other participants from all over the world, eliminating any possible travel commitment in the process. In addition, playing checkers online allows players to adjust their opponent’s skill level to match their own, an option that wouldn’t be available in person. On the best checkers apps for mobile, users can enjoy all these advantages and more. The bottom line is that virtual gaming is taking over and mobile users are enjoying every benefit it brings.

Reading product reviews/shopping            

Let’s face it – nowadays, consumers are inhabiting the virtual environment much more than the physical when it comes to shopping. In fact, e-commerce sites are taking over the web with a first priority to appeal to mobile users.

However, filling the digital shopping cart isn’t the only thing users are doing. Many mobile shoppers are spending their time examining product reviews and reading personal accounts from other people who have bought similar items. Amazon is currently the head shopping app in the U.S. and has slowly but surely turned into the industry’s biggest e-commerce platform.

Other resources like Ebay, Etsy, and the popular Facebook marketplace are used by users worldwide as they similarly place mobile shoppers at the forefront, prioritizing things like customer support and honest reviews.

With over 2 million applications available for download on iOS and Android devices, it’s impossible for mobile users to grow bored

Consuming digital media and news       

Nowadays it isn’t uncommon for the modern mobile user to get a portion of their news from giant social media networks like Instagram and Twitter. In fact, the popular application Twitter has been accredited with serving up valuable breaking news and information from around the world.

It makes sense that society prefers to consume material like this on mobile devices, as people are generally too busy to even watch the news on live television. In addition, other types of digital media like movies, series, even podcasts, are commonly accessed through mobile phones nowadays. With applications like Netflix and Hulu giving users on-the-go entertainment, why wait to stream content in your home when you can do it on the journey to work?

Aside from news and entertainment, educational applications like Kahoot and StudyBlue are also being used by students and teachers everywhere to enhance and improve the learning experience for both parties. Whether it’s news, documentaries, or scholastic papers, the point is that information these days is being consumed with the help of mobile phones, and their inclusion is making all the difference.

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