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Helping Startups Get the Resources They Need to Launch – Indigo Technology

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Building a company is a lot like building a house. There are stages that you must go through in order to bring it to eventual fruition and establish yourself as a going concern.

If you’ve ever started your own company then you know the real make-break of a new company is the seed stage. This is where many new startups fail because they don’t have a real handle on how to launch into a fully realized company with a product to offer.

If you’re at the seed stage and you need help to move forward, check out Indigo Technology. Indigo serves seed stage tech companies that want to get to market quickly, on-budget, and without having to build an internal development team.

Indigo’s Idea Launch Program provides tech startups all the resources you’ll need to create a proof of concept and garner the funds to successfully move into the future.

For those ready to build their product, Indigo’s proprietary software development platform Onyx includes a suite of pre-built building blocks commonly found in applications, allowing technical products to move to market with lightning-fast speed, thanks to minimal development requirements.

You see, when most tech startups are at the seed stage, they typically start software development from scratch which is a massive undertaking.

Consider the logistics and costs associated with the development of each product. We’re talking missed deadlines and the agony of burning through funding you so desperately need.

That’s why the Idea Launch Program and Onyx Platform are essential for any tech startup looking to make it through these early, crucial steps toward the realization of their dream.

The seed-stage accelerator takes care of all the heavy lifting in both the idea and product stages. The future is attainable, and you shouldn’t have to struggle to get there.

Find out more about the one-of-a-kind Idea Launch Program and get started today by visiting Indigotulsa.com.


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