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Access All the Data You Need for Remote Patient Monitoring with Endobits

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Treating chronic diseases proactively instead of reactively helps not only save time and money but potential heartbreak.

Endobits is a leading platform designed to predict and prevent chronic disease complications ahead of time using machine learning technology.

Here’s how it works. The remote patient monitoring platform allows clinics to remotely monitor their patients in real-time using vital data from things like a glucose monitor and blood pressure cuff.

The patient simply downloads the Endobits companion app and consents for remote monitoring.

The healthcare provider then begins monitoring the patient’s vitals automatically. Think about the implications of regular, real-time monitoring of the patient’s health.

Instead of letting time pass between visits and check-ups, healthcare providers can see problems starting to rise faster than currently possible.

In turn, this helps prevent any further complications resulting in stacked up medical bills and deteriorating health complications.

Endobits is the only product on the market that predicts what is going to happen rather than showing what has happened in the past. As an added benefit, it maximizes clinic income using non-face-to-face visits.

You can find out more about Endobits remote monitoring tools and how to offer proactive rather than reactive treatment by visiting Endobits.com.

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