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DemerBox – Your Complete Outdoor Sound System

Tech Report

Most Bluetooth speakers on the market tend to be easily overwhelmed outdoors without a natural acoustic environment. Drowned out by other noises and unable to produce that “umph” that you’d expect, the experience winds up being a disappointment.

Enter the DemerBox.


Under the umbrella of the Zac Brown Collective, DemerBox is a dual speaker producing unmatched sound quality, clear audio, and powerful bass.

With Bluetooth capabilities, you can pair up to 6 DemerBox speakers to create a complete outdoor sound system.

It’s perfect for parties or a pleasant backyard barbecue. With crisp highs and punchy lows, you’re getting a professional-grade audio experience, perfectly accentuating any activity that benefits from some tunes.

The waterproof design means you don’t have to worry about rain or the speaker falling overboard if you bring it out on the boat.

What’s more is the DemerBox seconds as a waterproof case, allowing you to store your wallet, keys, and phone, keeping them safe and dry.

But it doesn’t stop there. This crushproof powerhouse is built to last with a sturdy design for even the most active use. Giving you more than 40 hours between charges, you can get the most of this incredible outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

Get yours today by going to DemerBox.com.

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