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Interact Directly with Friends, Businesses and Communities on The Flyy App


Social media is essentially the new reality. Most of us check in on our preferred platforms several times a day to see what’s up with our social circle and the greater world around us.

But despite the abundance of engagement on social media channels, it seems like we’ve hit a plateau as far as innovation goes. Where is social media going to go from here?

Well, it’s taking to the skies with the world’s first 3D social network, Flyy.

Flyy App

Modeled after the real world, Flyy has created entire cities where you can interact directly with friends, businesses, and communities, all in an effort to bring the “social” back to social apps.

It seems these once social networks have descended into divisive platforms where insults and hate have taken a front seat.

Flyy attempts to bridge that gap, integrating users back into their neighborhoods and society at large by fusing visual and social elements, allowing them to interact with posts and stories in the cities they live in and places they frequent.

Every building and location has its own timeline. Simply click on it to see all the posts, stories, anecdotes, and experiences laid into the social fabric of that location. And by linking relevant stories to real locations, Flyy is also restoring context to social media.

Imagine being able to create a timeline anywhere you find yourself. All you have to do is drop a pin and post your story or experience. Your unique experience is now inextricably linked to that location.

Flyy also respects your privacy, which means it doesn’t track your location and others won’t know your location at all. You also can post anywhere on the globe from wherever you are without revealing your exact location!

And you can even get a birds-eye view of each city by using the Explore feature to see all users’ posts in the city or neighborhood.

You can download the Flyy app on the Google Play or App Store or head on over to Flyy.life.

And because Flyy is new, you get to secure your unique username today before someone else reserves it!

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