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PaceMate is the Leading Digital Technology Company in Healthcare Data Management

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PaceMate is the leading digital technology company in healthcare data management.

It was founded in 2015 by cardiac rhythm management industry professionals who experienced firsthand the overwhelming amount of data inundating clinicians all day long.

PaceMate’s approach to digital healthcare manages data in a way that is efficient, patient-centered, and profitable.

The company’s innovative technology means they are able to streamline the clinic workflows and, most importantly, help reduce medical errors and take better care of patients.

Here’s how it works. Device data automatically uploads to PaceMate’s vendor-neutral platform for immediate review, reporting clinically actionable alerts with complete bi-directional EHR integration.

That means all patient demographics, alert data, and billing information are available instantly and at any time to the clinic’s staff and physicians.

An added benefit is that PaceMate technicians are available 24.7, every day of the year, to monitor transmissions. When PaceMate does the monitoring, staff get a much-needed break.

But PaceMate also offers a unique two-way health record integration for its customers—one of the platform’s biggest benefits. PaceMate has connected with trusted partners—athenahealth, Epic, and Cerner.

This has allowed them to quickly build bi-directional integrations via API so that all info can flow in and out, securely, on appropriate clinic devices.

Unlike other platforms, PaceMate works directly with these leading EHRs and builds everything in-house. The same software development team has been working on the software for the past five years, identifying strengths and weaknesses to build a robust system and improve patient care.

PaceMateLIVE is continually updated to solve issues observed while working with cardiac electrophysiologists and their staff.

With PaceMate focused on streamlining and managing a clinic’s dataflow, physicians can focus on what’s most important—providing compassionate care for their patients.

You can find out more about this innovative digital platform by visiting PaceMate.com.

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