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Have Your Very Own Airline Trolley or Bar Cart with SkyCart

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Have you ever stopped to marvel at an airplane meal or beverage cart and all its wonderful features? How is it that flight attendants are able to store and serve an entire jumbo jet from just a handful of carts?

It’s all in the design and now you can have your very own cart right here on the ground through SkyCart.


SkyCart is an authentic airline service cart customized to meet your particular needs on the ground.

Built by the same people who manufacture the ones in the sky for the world’s leading airlines, SkyCart meets all the specifications for air travel, making it aviation authentic and plenty durable.

Now, you can customize your SkyCart both inside and out according to your exact specifications and needs.

This grounded meal trolley is a conversation starter, after all, so you’re going to want it to really stand out.

You can have it wrapped in whatever decal you want, including an original Pan Am logo, World War 2 Nose Art, or strictly black carbon fiber.

It’s perfect for a stationary bar or, better yet, a bar cart.

Find out more about owning your own SkyCart by visiting MySkyCart.com.

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