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EON – World’s First Robotic, Touchless, Fat Contouring Device

Consumer Update

Get ready for the newest laser technology disrupting the non-invasive lipolysis industry. EON, created by Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, is an FDA-cleared laser administered by a precision-built robotic arm that works to reduce fat with astonishing results.

The autonomous technology maps the unique topography of the body for a highly personalized treatment, delivering fat-reducing energy with pinpoint precision.

Eon is a body contouring device that uses an articulating robotic arm to deliver consistent laser energy to the patient.

It heats the adipose tissue up to 123 degrees Fahrenheit which is the industry’s high temperature. We are able to do that by using our proprietary cooling technology and smart sensors to adjust the laser output based on the patient’s skin temperature and comfort level.

The most important thing is the patient experience and patients can experience 20-25% in abdominal fat reduction, and that is permanent fat reduction, permanent fat loss, in a single session.

They can see those results between six and twelve weeks post-treatment. Because we are non-contact there is no suction or tugging or strapping of devices onto the skin so then that eliminates the likelihood of rashes, bruising, shark bites, things of that nature.

So, you get a really smooth natural effect in a very comfortable way for the patient. Eon is more efficient, more effective, more comfortable, smarter body contour.

Learn more today by visiting EONlaser.com.

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