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Qarbo – The Sustainable Sparkling Water-Maker and Fruit Infuser

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The choices we make now, affect the state of the planet for future generations. And we’re not talking hundreds of years from now but in the next couple of decades.

How can companies help and inspire others to make choices today that will ensure a better future?

Twenty 39 designs and creates high-quality, sustainable household products and solutions that focus on reducing single-use items and unnecessary waste.


They’re taking a disruptive approach to everyday tasks to help reduce wasteful abuse of Earth’s resources.

They’re starting with Qarbo—a sparkling water maker and fruit infuser that delivers delicious alternatives to sugar-heavy soda while reducing the use of single-use plastic and aluminum cans.

Other traditional soda water makers, like Sodastream, only let you fizz your water otherwise you void the warranty. With Qarbo you can fizz anything—juice, fruit-infused water, syrup, sodas, wine, cocktails. If you can drink it, you can fizz it.

With its sleek design, it fits perfectly in the kitchen, ready to elevate your drink in seconds.

And a three-year warranty means you don’t have to sweat if something goes wrong or you need to replace a part.

Purchase the best sparkling soda water maker on the market by going to Amazon and searching for ‘qarbo’ or buy it directly from twenty-39.com.

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