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The Ultimate Portable Fire Pit by TIKI Brand

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There’s something so comforting about gathering around the fire on a chilly night. The glow dancing across your face as you enjoy your time with friends and family, the flame comforting you, keeping you warm. But there are, of course, challenges to enjoying yourself around a traditional fire.

There’s nothing worse than a gust of wind ruining that perfect moment, forcing you to dodge plumes of smoke.

Thankfully, TIKI Brand has been crafting flame products for decades and has virtually perfected the art. And that’s on full display in their Patio Fire Pit.

portable firepitWe’ll even go as far as to say, TIKI Brand has created the ultimate solution to your fire pit problems with their innovative Patio Fire Pit. Its sleek, easy-to-handle design is only part of its appeal.

It’s designed to be used with both real firewood and TIKI Brand Wood Packs. If you’re looking to get a fire going quickly and easily while you enjoy good conversation in the backyard, then the Wood Packs are the way to go.

The TIKI Patio Fire Pit employs a unique airflow design that minimizes smoke and ash when used with the Wood Packs, creating a relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

No more smoke in your eyes or having to scrub that smokey smell out of your clothes. Simply place the Wood Pack in the pit, light it and you’ll have a full flame in less than 5 minutes that lasts approximately 30 minutes. The removable ash pan makes clean-up a cinch.

Just pull it out once the pit has cooled down and dispose of the ash properly. Your TIKI Patio Fire Pit arrives with a simple 2-piece assembly and includes a cover.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around the yard. Once the pit’s cooled down of course. The beautiful, compact, and convenient design makes this one of the best fire pits on the market.

Purchase your TIKI Patio Fire Pit, Wood Packs, and Accessories today by visiting TikiBrand.com.

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