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PSN – Helping Organizations, Schools and More Communicate in Real Time

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In moments of emergency, immediate and reliable communication is of the utmost importance.

This is especially true in any place where there are lots of people and a serious threat. There’s a solution that instantly alerts all appropriate parties.

It’s called Private Safety Network or PSN.

PSN gives organizations, schools, municipalities, and the people in them the ability to communicate in real-time. They can swiftly report what they see onsite to others in targeted PSN user groups.

They can even communicate directly with responders, giving them complete, accurate, and timely data. Responders and administrators of their PSN can send mass push notifications, giving people fast and valuable information that can keep them safe.

Going a step further, PSN also uses data from devices and includes this info in all communications. This includes the user’s location, room status, access control, and security system events. All of this data and more is made immediately available to all concerned.

PSN overcomes the limitations of a centralized dispatch system by communicating with all network members directly to keep them and their community safe.

You can find out more about this invaluable safety tool by visiting PrivateSafetyNetwork.com.

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