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de Buyer – Cookware Trusted by Chefs and Home Cooks Worldwide

Consumer Update

Any passionate cook relies on quality cookware to create their magic.

de Buyer is a French brand of premium cookware and bakeware manufacturing the highest quality products in France since 1830.

Professional chefs and home cooks all over the world use their products and for good reason.

de Buyer’s newest offering is a perforated Blue Steel Vegetable pan conceived for outdoor cooking directly on the grill.

de buyer

The perforations are small enough for small pieces of vegetables to stay in the pan, while they allow the air and heat to continually circulate. The pan heats up fast and will grill your vegetables to perfection without burning them.

This results in a nice, seared vegetable on the outside but still juicy and delicious on the inside, with a delicious smoky grilled flavor.

The two handles on either end of the pan are made of cast stainless steel, making it perfect for some outdoor barbecuing with high heat and offering a good grip.

In addition to its practical design, it’s just a beautiful piece of cookware that perfectly complements any outdoor affair.

You can purchase your Blue Steel Vegetable pan from Debuyer-usa.com.

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