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eStudy – The Better Way to Teach and Learn Online


Teaching and learning online presents its share of obstacles. Without a properly designed platform, online education falls flat, missing the ingredients that make in-person learning so transformative.

Whether you’re looking for a way to support an exclusively online exchange or something to support in-person learning, eStudy is easily the most pleasant way to teach and learn online.

Developed by IT specialists, eStudy was designed to optimize the flow of information between teachers and students, thus encouraging and enhancing a free-flowing exchange.

The brilliant minds behind eStudy essentially took the principles and foundation of project management in IT and applied it to the field of education, taking into account all requirements of schooling.

This all-in-one solution to online education provides everything a teacher would need, including features that support assignments and grades, lessons, video conferencing, whiteboard and document editing, in-platform chatting, and more.

Every task is self-contained within the eStudy platform with real-time notifications. All geared toward creating an atmosphere where students can learn with ease, without the constraints that typically accompany an online environment.

And best of all, eStudy is free to use. Find out more about this easy-to-use platform and how to get started by heading on over to eStudy.fm.

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