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Horizon – The Smaller, Smarter Hearing Aids on the Market

Consumer Update

More than 477 million people across the globe suffer from hearing loss. While there have been major strides in the area of hearing enhancement, the biggest challenge with hearing aids is getting people to wear them.

They are typically associated with old age and many tend to look oversized and clunky.

Well, times have changed. The Horizon products offer a sleek, nearly invisible medical-grade hearing aid, enhanced with cutting-edge features and unparalleled power that creates a listening experience unmatched in the industry.

They were specifically designed for younger, more active people who want to maintain their on-the-go lifestyles without limitation.

At hear.com they’ve done over one million hearing consultations with young active customers, and a couple of things are extremely clear.

Number one, no one wants others to be able to see that they’re wearing hearing aids, so invisibility is always the most important factor. But number two, hearing is a problem of understanding and not of volume, and so speech clarity is always going to be another extremely important factor in people finding the best solution for them.

These are the smallest, most stylish, hearing aids on the market today.

Horizon has a unique algorithm that maximizes speech clarity, even in noisy places like a restaurant, but more importantly, when that’s not enough, with Horizon, there’s also the ability to use their speech focus which does not exist in any other hearing aids on the market.

You can find out more about Horizon products by visiting hear.com.

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