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Thread and Leather – Durable, Classy and Authentic Leather Wallets

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Genuine leather is, to put it bluntly, hard to fake. You can spot a leather fraud from a mile away, never mind the smell and feel when you’re up close. A wallet or jacket made of authentic leather is classy, durable, and a bold statement.

Small, family-owned business Thread and Leather believes in the quality and durability of the robust material.

Originally launched with the iconic Wrap Wallet Kickstarter campaign that blew up, smashing funding goals, Thread and Leather now carries a line of custom-made leather accessories that allow you to infuse your own unique touch.

Thread and Leather WalletThe Wrap Wallet is easily their most popular. Most wallets on the market just don’t deliver. They’re either too bulky or too slim or feature no way to carry your cash.

The Wrap Wallet is a genius invention that provides plenty of places for your cards and the ability to wrap your cash in the center, creating the smallest footprint possible.

This effectively eliminates extra layers of leather that add up to nothing more than a bulky mess. The Wrap Wallet fits up to 15 bills and 10 plastic cards but still measures less than an inch thick. The Half Wrap clocks in even smaller. This is the leather wallet you want if you’re more of a minimalist.

If you don’t like carrying around cash and want something extra sleek and stylish, this is your best bet. Thread and Leather took the best parts of the Wrap Wallet, the credit card pocket on the inside and the slide pocket on the outside, and created the sleeker Half Wrap.

All products are cut in-house and sewn by hand with special attention paid to each stitch.

They offer monogram and personalization options to make your wallet unique to you.

You can purchase your personalized leather accessory today by visiting ThreadandLeather.com today.

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