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Repel the Mosquitoes and Activate the Ambiance with TIKI BiteFighter LED String Lights

Consumer Update

Summer is here which means gathering outside for some BBQ and good times. But there’s one thing determined to ruin our mood—mosquitoes. Those pesky little bloodsuckers are out in force, and we need something to keep them at bay so we can enjoy ourselves.

That’s where Tiki Brand comes in.

TIKI has a history of providing great outdoor lighting options, now they’re going a step further with the new BiteFighter LED String Lights.

Combining the ambiance of string lights with proven mosquito repellency is an idea so inspired I wish I’d thought of it myself.

The warm-toned 2200K shatter-resistant LED bulbs set a cozy mood while the patented BiteFighter repellent pods create convenient, odorless, silent, invisible, and, of course, effective, protection against mosquitoes all season long.

To activate the mosquito repellency pods, simply flip the switch, and let them do the work.

After only 15 minutes, each of the 3 pods per string work together to establish up to 330 square feet of mosquito repellency, blocking out those party killers. For lighting only, simply flip the repellency switch off.

Combine up to 8 strings to fit your area.

Turn on the ambiance and turn off mosquitoes with these innovative Tiki Brand BiteFighter LED String Lights.

Purchase yours today by visiting TikiBrand.com/bitefighterlights.

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