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Top Innovative Examples of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today

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Artificial intelligence used to be synonymous with robots and science fiction. Today, AI is all around us. It is in our smartphones, homes, and even vehicles we drive. Businesses and companies have recognized AI’s potential. They are implementing this technology to improve productivity, as well as the relationship with their customers.

The world embraced all the endless possibilities of AI, and it is exciting to watch its future development. So, let’s take a look at some of the most inventive and original examples of AI today!

AI for Streaming Services

Various streaming services are becoming more and more popular among users of all ages. People are enjoying shows and movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime more frequently than ever before. If you are a subscriber to any streaming service, you know that the recommendations page can be insanely accurate. You can thank AI for that.

AI collects data on each user and delivers customized recommendations by analyzing their previous streaming habits. In return, users always find something to watch based on the content they previously liked.

Streaming services are entertaining but don’t forget about cybersecurity while using them. For example, Amazon Fire TV Stick users can protect their privacy and hide their browsing habits by installing a Firestick VPN. A Firestick VPN will also improve your internet speed, which means no more loading screens while you binge-watch your favorite show.

Improved Facial Recognition

Facial recognition has become a standard security method on borders and airports. Large businesses and companies are implementing facial recognition into their security as well. This branch of AI is developing rapidly right now. The reason is the increased interest from both government and private users. Therefore, we can expect even better performance in the following years.

Facial recognition technology is also improving, so it will be even more accurate than before. It will create new possibilities for security companies. AI and computer vision are super important for law enforcement. When used with surveillance videos, AI can show what it can do. AI will identify people by how they walk or move, track vehicles, and even monitor the spread of different diseases.

AI and Cybersecurity

The number of ransomware attacks has increased dramatically in the last couple of months. Then there are everyday cybersecurity threats like phishing attempts and malware. Standard cybersecurity measures need to change as soon as possible. It is where artificial intelligence could be of assistance to large companies and individual users.

Artificial intelligence combined with a security analysis could prevent cyberattacks or warn people about it beforehand. For instance, AI can monitor any system and watch out for any sketchy activity. A user will be alerted before there is any damage done to the data. Once perfected, AI could be a valuable cybersecurity ally that prevents all types of cyberattacks.

AI as Customer Support

Companies should do their best to have impeccable customer support. After all, it can tell a lot about a business, regardless of what they sell or offer. Loyal customers appreciate good customer support, and it is the best way to build trust and reputation. That is why using AI to improve customer service is an excellent idea. AI can shorten response time and help customers solve various issues.

You have probably noticed that chatbots are getting better and better at tackling problems. The personalized messages are outstanding. Not to forget that AI is always available so a customer can get an instant response and a solution. Additionally, AI can help with the workload, and this feature alone will create a positive atmosphere in any company.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is becoming a brand new phenomenon in the tech world, linking devices into a single network and allowing them to run a household used to sound like a work of fiction. But if you look around, it is clear that everything is becoming a part of the Internet of Things (or IoT). We have smart refrigerators, heaters, lightbulbs, and many more. And the best part is that you can control them from your phone or any available device.

So, how does AI fit into IoT? Well, it is pretty much already there in some capacity. But more advanced AI could be a valuable addition to your home. AI can collect data, analyze it, and then make decisions based on the findings. It means AI could act independently to set up various devices around your house with the help of the gathered information.

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