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RENPHO – The Go-To AI Smart Bike

When technology meets fitness, you have revolutionary products designed to help you push the limits of what’s possible, physically speaking. And when those home fitness products target and adjust to your exact needs, well, that’s just the next level. The RENPHO AI Smart Bike is the next step in technology-infused workout equipment.

This AI Smart Bike leverages an advanced algorithm designed to personalize workouts according to your exact needs. Now it factors in things like biometrics and your current fitness level to help you achieve your unique fitness goals. Using functional threshold power, or FTP, this bike adapts and adjusts workouts to fit you. Now, there’s no one workout that fits all approach.

FTP rates each user’s individual cycling power and then adjust accordingly. Unlike other smart bikes on the market, the RENPHO uses smart motor damping resistance, which is essentially an electric vehicle tech that has been engineered to work with the bike to produce precise resistance and real-time power calculation. And also, unlike other smart bikes, this one is super affordable and comes with a free app that gives you access to tons of online classes and courses. Connect RENPHO with your favorite cycling apps like Zwift, Peloton, Kinomap, and more for the ultimate integration.

Purchase yours today by visiting renpho.com

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