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Tesla Now Selling ‘Cyberquad’ ATV for Kids

Image by: Tesla

 By: Nick Gambino

Can’t wait for the probably inevitable release of the Tesla Cybertruck? Over the age of 8? Under 150 pounds? If you’ve answered yes to at least the second and third question, you can now purchase the new Cyberquad for Kids for the low price of $1,900. That’s $100 less than $2,000!

“Get ready for any adventure with the all-electric Cyberquad for Kids,” the Tesla website description reads. “Inspired by our iconic Cybertruck design, the four-wheel ATV features a full steel frame, cushioned seat, and adjustable suspension with rear disk braking and LED light bars.”

The lithium-ion battery-powered ATV for kids will give you about 15 miles or so on a single charge. This will vary depending on the rider’s weight, the riding environment, and of course the speed.

About that speed, the kid-friendly vehicle will top out at 10 MPH. Parents can adjust speed settings and cap it at 5 MPH if they so wish. While the Cyberquad has reverse capabilities, for the kid’s safety it’ll tap out at 5 MPH.

Charging is conducted in the bottom of the battery which is removable. This makes it easy to charge without having to install a new charging station (which is what you have to do if you get a full-fledged Tesla EV). Simply remove the battery and plug it into a wall inside the house. It’ll take about 5 hours to full charge from empty.

The Cyberquad comes with assembly instructions so I’m guessing you’ll have to put it together when it arrives. Think of it like a souped-up bicycle you have to assemble for Christmas morning. Imagine your little one unwrapping this thing!

The Cyberquad for Kids is currently out of stock in the Tesla shop, but if you are one of those lucky enough to have ordered the mini ATV, they’ll begin shipping in 2-4 weeks with no guarantee for holiday delivery.

And while this kids’ quad wasn’t expected, the full-sized Cyberquad was announced earlier, though the company is vague on when that will be released. It might not see production until the end of 2022 which is when, God willing, we’ll see the Cybertruck.

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