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6 Travel Hacks We Guarantee Will Leave You Speechless

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Wouldn’t you like to go traveling more often and actually spend less money? You can! Accommodation, plane tickets, and food do not need to cost you an arm and a leg when you want to visit a new country.

We’ve assembled some fantastic travel hacks. Tips that could be saving you big no matter what your destination.

Travel Hack #1: Find Free Accommodation With Relatives/Friends/CouchSurfing

As a general rule of thumb, “cheap” is good, but “free” is always better when it comes to finding accommodation. To get rid of some of those pesky service or cleaning fees at the hostels or Airbnbs you plan on renting for your trip, take a careful look at your planned travel itinerary for your upcoming trip. List every friend, acquaintance, close or distant relative, and former college companion living in any of the pinned places on your map. Use Facebook to get the updated addresses of the friends and family you plan on crashing with. Don’t be shy! Reach out to everyone you can think of. Find some folks willing to welcome you in for a couple of nights or for the entirety of your trip. If you don’t have a reliable contact at the destination or along the way, consider couch surfing. You will pay zero on accommodation and experience an authentic experience with local guidance.

Travel Hack #2: Use A Luggage Delivery Service

If you have never used a luggage delivery service while travelling, it’s time you did. A luggage delivery service will not just save you money. It also eliminates the stresses of carrying your bags around the airport before check in. Board the flight with a small carry-on with your essentials. Let a specialized luggage delivery company transfer your bags directly to your accommodation. This is particularly helpful if you plan on making a few stops on your way to your destination country.

Travel Hack #3: Use Contact Lens Cases To Store Your Skincare

Carrying a dedicated toiletries bag can take up lots of space in your luggage. Instead of an entire bag of skincare and makeup products try contact lens cases. The small containers will force you to be frugal with the amount you carry. Travel lighter and more affordable should be your mantra.

Travel Hack #4: Use The Flexible Date Feature When Booking Flights

Lots of airlines have adopted last-minute booking policies. This translates to being able to book flights up to 3 days prior to your desired departure and return times.

Kayak allows you to use the flexible month mode to search for the most affordable days to fly during certain months. Being open and flexible about the trip’s date can save a lot. A couple of days one way or another can sometimes be hundreds of dollars difference. Imagine the fun things you can do at your destination with that extra budget.

Travel Hack #5: Use Wi-Fi Instead Of Paying For An International SIM

If you plan on traveling by yourself and crossing international borders, an international SIM card can be worthwhile. For one thing, it gives phone and internet access everywhere for safety. However, keep in mind Wi-Fi is available for free in many parts of the world. If you’re looking to send photos to friends and family back home, free Wi-F is probably a good option. Sometimes it’s nice to be out of touch on vacation.

Pay special attention to museums and city parks– the Wi-Fi is usually free there. Google Maps app offers the option to download a specific map area. This allows you to navigate without any internet access. It’s truly a great feature while touring in a strange city.

Travel Hack #6: Keep An Eye On Airline Price Errors

Airline and third-party websites will sometimes display glitches. Why would you care? These glitches usually refer to some ridiculously small airfares. Make sure you register for an account there and pay extra attention to their updates. These errors are usually fixed as soon as the company discovers them. Act quickly to catch the cool prices. Bookmark Holiday Pirates, The Flight Deal, and Fly4Free. These sites will help you stay tuned with these money-saving errors.


So that’s our list of top hacks to use when traveling. Easy, simple ideas to implement, so that you can get the most out of your vacation! Enjoy!

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