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The Latest and Greatest from CES 2022

By: Nick Gambino

CES 2022 is well underway in Las Vegas and that means a lot of news on the tech front. While there have been a plethora of big names who’ve decided not to present in person due to COVID, we are still being inundated with this year’s biggest reveals.

Here are a few of the highlights that impressed us.


Sony has wowed us with several unveilings just since Monday. They introduced us to their QD-OLED consumer TV, featuring the new, cutting-edge display tech. As the name of the tech suggests, it leverages the power of both OLED and Quantum Dots. The Japanese company also confirmed the name of their upcoming VR headset, suitably titled the “PlayStation VR2.” As would be expected they’re working on some things to make it an even more immersive experience, including boosting their haptic controllers with the release of the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller.

And while we are only halfway through CES, Sony has dropped another one on us with the unveiling of their in-progress electric SUV from their Vision-S line.



We already wrote about Samsung’s new smart TVs with built-in cloud gaming, but the company hasn’t stopped there. On Monday, they announced another version of the Galaxy S21 called the S21 FE (Fan Edition). It’s essentially a more affordable version of the popular smartphone with pretty much all the features. If this sounds familiar it’s because they released an S20 FE last year to give consumers more options to choose from at several different price points. The S21 FE is basically the S21 with less memory and a lower-res camera.

The company has its fingers in a lot of pies and one they seem particularly excited to continue exploring is foldable technology. That’s on display in the Flex Note, a foldable 17-inch laptop that’s capable of downsizing to 13 inches when you need more space. Samsung also introduced the Freestyle portable projector sporting a swivel display, allowing you to project 30-to-100-inch videos or images anywhere. A translucent lens cap even allows you to create a cool light show or set the mood for a special occasion.


 The Vision-S electric SUV from Sony isn’t the only EV getting love at CES. Chevrolet unveiled their newest electric offering, the Silverado EV. If you’re familiar with the popular Silverado pickup truck, you know what you’re getting here – it’s an electric version of that. This one goes an impressive 400 miles on just one single charge. Mercedes-Benz introduced us to their idea of an EV with the EQXX. While it’s easy to let these new EVs from every automaker and tech company in the world blend together, the EQXX is determined to stand out with Mercedes-Benz’s claim that it’ll go 620 miles on one full charge. That’s insane and, if true, they’re going to be serious competition for Tesla…as long as they can keep their price reasonable.

As CES 2022 heads to the finish line, expect a lot more exciting news coming out of Las Vegas.


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