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How the Latest Tech Innovations are Reshaping the Online Gambling Industry

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Technological advancements have aided digital shifts in a variety of industries. The online gambling sector has also changed dramatically over the previous decade due to several technological advances. The following are four technological advancements that are now redefining the online gaming space.

Mobile technology

The mobile gaming market stood at $79.5 billion globally last year, representing more than half of all online gambling income, totalling $165 billion. With an annual growth rate of 17.8 per cent, the sector is predicted to reach almost $250 billion by 2027.

 Several factors have contributed to the expansion of the mobile gaming sector, including:

  • Convenience 
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Variety of games

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Gaming

Virtual and augmented realities are two game technologies that are becoming increasingly popular. Both the casino and video gambling sectors have gained virtual reality portions in recent years, which are widely regarded as future trends.

While virtual reality games may take some time to become a global sensation, certain online gambling platforms like Betway currently offer them. However, the necessary equipment to enjoy such casino games is still prohibitively expensive, preventing the games from becoming ubiquitous. On the other hand, virtual reality offers something that no other technology can match right now.

Because augmented reality online casinos are closer to reality, they also determine the industry’s future. These casinos provide players with more information, allowing them to have a more immersive gaming experience than even land-based casinos can provide. For example, players can view the betting limits visually without reading the instructions or touching a table. It is the same technology that is being used in popular games like dream guide lucky numbers, currently offered across top gaming platforms.

Blockchain technology

The potential for blockchain technology to reshape the online gambling industry has been evident. The most noticeable improvement is the increased transparency it delivers to the business through its continuous verification process. This gives all parties access to a distributed ledger with a verified record that can’t be tampered with, hence increasing trust in the betting system.

Aside from reducing distrust between players and online casinos, blockchain technology safeguards all parties involved from various business malpractices. The blockchain system is ideal for checking questionable behaviors, guaranteeing that users’ personal information is always protected and cannot be acquired at random. Additionally, owing to the advent of crypto casinos, the technology helps in the anonymity of gamblers.

Wearable apps

Mobile betting has been more popular in recent years, with most casinos capitalizing on the trend by developing a variety of smartphone betting apps. The growth of smartwatches has sparked a new trend, with operators allowing punters to place bets using these wearable gadgets. As a result, smartwatches are projected to overtake smartphones as the more handy and accessible betting alternative.

Market analysts project that by 2022, the worldwide smartwatch market will be worth $33 billion, with gambling likely to account for a significant portion of that development. However, software developers will continue to create casino games that can be played on various devices, including smartwatches.


Different sectors, including the online casino market, are being ushered towards a brighter future by technological advances. As a result, gamers can forecast the four tech developments outlined above, changing the way games are played across different online platforms such as Betway. Using modern technology also allows players to have a better gaming experience, which will help the online gambling sector grow in popularity over time.

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