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Blinktech – Keep Your Eyes on the Game, Not the Screen

Catching a soccer, basketball, or really any sports game on video is easier said than done. Tracking action isn’t as simple as pointing and shooting, and high-tech equipment is often way too expensive for recreational use. That’s why BlinkTech designed a solution built from the ground up, to capture the fast-paced action of any sports game, all from the convenience of your iPhone. BlinkTech’s smart Gimbal called FOCOS works with your iPhone to automatically track any team sports game across the field, without the need for human intervention.

There is a need for BlinkTech, because a few years ago when I was accompanying my sons to play soccer games, I want to record my sons’ soccer game as well. But I noticed that many parents, including myself, were doing this all the time, and we couldn’t really enjoy the game. The best thing about BlinkTech is once we set up the device on the field, attach your smartphone to our device, you don’t have to worry about the rest. BlinkTech device will automatically track the game, record the game, and stream the videos to families, friends, who are not able to make it, so you can relax and really enjoy the game.

Because BlinkTech is designed for families and sports fans, it’s very portable and affordable, and we also leverage our best-advanced smartphone to provide the best video quality on the market. I hope you enjoy it.

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