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Why do people prefer to play bingo on handheld devices?

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The technological revolution has been responsible for a large-scale change in the way we do everything, from international banking to grocery shopping. Just when it seemed that having the internet in almost every home was going to be the biggest change we would see, the proliferation of smartphones stepped up the ability to access the internet from almost anywhere.


This prompted major changes in the way websites were designed, as developers began to focus on making websites mobile-friendly so that all the features were accessible by visitors using phones or tablets. As the number of smartphones increased, the market for apps was created and it wasn’t long before developers began to create apps specifically for use on mobile devices.


These were not only designed to make it easy for people to access their favourite sites, but apps were being specifically designed to make on-the-go entertainment a more accessible option. Gaming apps took off in a big way and designers recreated a range of popular favourites as apps designed specifically to be played on mobile devices.


As the mobile gaming industry boomed, designers found ways to make gaming apps even more appealing to those playing on their mobile devices. Simplified gameplay, shorter games, well-organised navigation, and controls that can be used single-handed can all make it easier to play on a mobile device.


The appeal of mobile gaming


The success of mobile gaming apps has seen some traditional games given a new lease of life as their digital formats have generated interest among a whole new generation of players.


Bingo is one such game, having gone from a traditional form of entertainment that reached peak popularity in the 1960s to an incredibly popular digital game that has seen new players join bingo-based websites in their droves such as those that play bingo games with Wink Bingo on their mobile devices.


With games like bingo available to play online and on the go, bingo’s popularity started to pick up again. Those who had enjoyed the game when it was played in bingo halls throughout the country appreciated the opportunity to play it again and plenty of new players discovered how much fun it could be.


In the early days of online bingo, players were limited to gaming on their laptops and PCs, but as mobile phone technology improved and smartphones became ubiquitous, bingo apps became a popular choice among fans of the game. Not only were they designed to make gameplay fun and engaging, but app designers make it even more convenient to play bingo on mobile devices.

Bingo is now easily accessible on a mobile device with bingo providers creating mobile compatible apps.



Bingo – apps versus online games


Because mobile devices are now so popular, many people use them for almost everything, with many using their phones in the same way that they would once have used a PC or laptop. From online banking to watching films, there is almost nothing that cannot be done on a phone or tablet, and this is true of games such as online bingo as well, for many reasons:


Gaming on the go – in our 24/7 culture, people want to maximise their downtime by using their commute, break times, and any other spare moments to do the things they enjoy most. Nothing livens up a boring train journey or time spent in a waiting room like the thrill of a quick game of bingo and a big win can turn a dull moment into a cause for celebration.


No more FOMO – fear of missing out, or FOMO, may only have been given a name recently, but most people agree that there is nothing worse than not being able to join your friends on a night out or special occasion. Mobile gaming means that you are only ever a couple of taps away from being able to join friends online from wherever you happen to be, so you can play together even if you cannot be in the same place at the same time.


Never miss a promotion – apps are designed to help you make the most of what they have to offer, with push notifications and updates available to help you keep track. From special offers, limited-time deals and reminders about your favourite games, bingo apps are designed to make it easier than ever to take advantage of whatever specials and bonuses they have.


Bingo apps can send push notifications to players to inform them of top bonuses and promotions and any jackpot games before they take place.


Engaging gameplay – as the app industry has grown, so has the available information about what people want when playing on their mobile devices. App designers go to great lengths to ensure that the games they make are easy to play on a mobile device by giving mobile players a tailored gaming experience including:


  • Simplified controls to stop the screen from being too cluttered
  • Shorter game options to make it easier to squeeze in a quick game wherever you happen to be
  • One-handed gaming options for those that might not be able to dedicate both hands to playing
  • Additional security for those logging on through public wifi networks
  • Easy to negotiate in-game navigation to ensure players don’t get ‘lost’ in the interface

So much effort goes into making gaming apps user-friendly that it’s no surprise that phones and tablets are the first choice for many serious gamers. There is no need to compromise on game quality when playing on the go – well-designed bingo apps are the ideal way to take your favourite game with you wherever you go.

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