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8 Best Games On App Store To Play In Monsoon

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How often have you planned an outing only to discover that the climate has turned bad? Quite enough times, right! Rains cause network problems, traffic congestion, and the cancellation of social plans. But it also provides us with a justification for unwinding. Rain allows us to appreciate the simple pleasures in life that we sometimes overlook due to our busy schedules.

With the start of the monsoon season, the iOS app store is flooded with games of all genres. Having a variety of new games that are available on the iOS app store, gamers can make sure they keep themselves engaged with the comfort of their home. The combination of genres, including action, adventure, racing, and thrill, will give players a plethora of options. So, here are our 8 best picks to enjoy during this monsoon season:

1. Alto’s Odyssey

Following 2015’s Alto’s Adventure, comes Alto’s Odyssey. The ability of the franchise to blend magnificent skiing visuals with seamless endless runner gameplay is continued in the new game. As you accomplish objectives, gather cash, and unlock improvements, descend the mountain. The Alto series’ gameplay isn’t overly difficult. The background scenery changes gradually as players tap the screen to do tricks and backflips while avoiding obstacles.

2. Among Us

When Among Us first came out in 2018, it unexpectedly shot to fame. In this multiplayer, cooperative game, you cooperate to identify the group’s liar while trying to stay alive in space. In the multiplayer game Among Us, four to ten players are dumped upon an extraterrestrial spacecraft. This game is excellent for maintaining your social skills while we’re cooped up at home.

3. RummyCircle

One of India’s best rummy app is Rummy Circle. It offers elements that have never been seen before, making playing rummy incredibly simple and fun. Indian rummy is both a game that requires good skills and is full of enthralling turns. They provide both practice games to improve your skills and cash games. So, hone your skills and eventually excel in rummy. What are your goals? You must create at least two sequences with the dealt cards, one of which should be a pure sequence and the others may be any legitimate sequences or sets, in order to win the rummy game you are playing. A key rummy principle is that you cannot declare without a pure sequence.

4. Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic, the most recent game in the Angry Birds series, lives up to the anticipation. The gameplay is still the same: the beloved “birds” Red, Chuck, and Bomb become warriors as they engage in combat with a variety of green foes, such as King Pig, Wiz Pig, and Prince Porky. The game has a variety of settings, including tribal settlements, tropical beaches, and more. Go ahead and become addicted to this fantastic game.

5. The Battle of Polytopia

You take command of a tribe in this real-time strategy game as you grow its territory, battle off opponents, and eventually create an empire. You can play single, versus a friend, or with others in online multiplayer in The Battle of Polytopia.

6. Beyond a Steel Sky

The long-awaited sequel to Revolution Software’s 1994 adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky, Beyond a Steel Sky is only available on Apple Arcade. While paying homage to the original work, this cyberpunk game also acknowledges how the point-and-click style has changed over the past 25 years.

7. Blek

Blek is a puzzle game that has received praise for its straightforward gameplay and spare aesthetic. To advance through each level, you must use touch-screen motions to create patterns. The 2013 release of the game made it a straightforward, well-liked entry to the iPhone’s game collection.

8. MMX Hill Dash – OffRoad Racing

Fans of racing must download the thrilling MMX Racing game! The player must build enormous, fire-breathing monster vehicles that may compete in races against other formidable opponents. There are no gear changes, and the obstacles the player must overcome continue to present a challenge. The player gets the option to upgrade and customize their truck as they progress through each race. There are numerous competitions and almost 15 top-notch courses where there are consistently more formidable rivals. Future updates from the creators will also include multiplayer competitions and other fresh features.

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