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StreamText – The Leading Platform for Delivering Captions

As remote work has become much more commonplace, the need for real-time captioning has increased dramatically. StreamText is the solution for making your events accessible. From the classroom to the corporate world, StreamText delivers the spoken word as real-time captions to virtually any platform or device with internet access.

Key features include real-time language translation, automatic captions, integrations with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect, WebEx, and many more. StreamText is used by hundreds of captioning firms and over 10,000 captionists, so you can easily find a service provider that meets your needs. StreamText offers industry-leading, real-time automatic speech recognition for caption generation.

Automatic captions are easy to use and offer a number of features such as term glossaries for added accuracy, and support for 20 different source languages. Do you have an international audience? StreamText supports over 100 languages for real-time translation. StreamText is an enterprise captioning solution for all of your captioning requirements, they provide a rich set of APIs and integration options to make any application or event accessible.

These capabilities allow you to make your platform accessible without having to develop native captioning support. StreamText also allows you to repurpose a single caption stream with multiple outputs to support in-person and hybrid events, one caption stream that can be repurposed for all your event needs. The applications are endless, we’re talking about creating accessibility in corporate meetings, classrooms, webinars, legal proceedings, sports events, and on and on.

StreamText is an easy-to-use solution that allows you to make your content accessible with captions to engage your audience more effectively. Find out about StreamText solutions by heading over to streamtext.net/solutions today.

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