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Versational – Listen Better, Respond Better

While the live and verbal conversation is perhaps the most straightforward and engaging way of exchanging ideas, it can be tough to remember all the key points of interest. That’s where Versational comes in. Now, this AI-based solution helps curate conversations by recording, transcribing, and then recapping 60 minutes of conversation with six minutes of key takeaways.

This is super convenient for meetings, webinars, and even sales interviews. You’ll ensure nothing is missed by automating note-taking and summarizing lengthy conversations. There’s even a baked-in feedback feature which they call AI Gems. Gems provide key insights like buyer signals, objections, pain points, and action items. Versational even allows you to share clips of top moments allowing for easier collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Post video or audio snippets as part of a playlist highlighting the best moments of any meeting. You can organize this content by tag, topic, folder, or favorites, making it easy for everyone to access. You can even stitch those snippets together to tell a larger story. Using AI to facilitate the human experience in business, sales, and team meetings, Versational helps streamline even the most involved interactions. Get started today by heading on and over to Versational.ai.

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