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Significant Features You Need To Know About Madden NFL 23

EA Tiburon’s recently approaching football sim Madden NFL 23 is around the corner and is shifting to its third year on recent generation hardware. The series promises a back to initials approach to utilize the processing power at its best and derive supreme artificial intelligence abilities of top-level PCs, Xbox Series and PS5. Even Amazon is interested in the massively popular sporting event now.

If you have a previous generation of hardware, Madden NFL 23’s trending game features will not be accessible to you. An introduction to FieldSense, a trending gameplay system, delivers ultra-realistic, consistent, and equipped players in proper positions with an elevated sense of control. Some of the best features of the game are listed here in this article.

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Skill-Based Passing

The most significant change lies in the game of Madden NFL 23 is its new method of skill-based passing. It introduces a specific targeting reticule with a passing meter to analyze power, enable quarterbacks and distribute them with surgical accuracy. Pass the ball where wide receivers catch it after combining it with pass meter and reticule. This leads to receivers as well as back-shoulder arrows.

Wide Receiver versus Defensive Back Battles

The typical one-versus-one battle between the defensive backs and wide receivers is a new feature to complement the skill-based passing method in Madden NFL 23. These receivers are capable of executing moves to defenders while escaping into space. Cornerbacks and safeties can press at the line anytime, slowing the receiver’s development as with the ball being snapped. This tactical consideration hopefully adds an extra element of chances to every play.

Return of X Factor Abilities

The superstar abilities mirroring their counterparts have returned for the Madden NFL 23. An announcement has already been made for the players blessed with an X-factor ability. This announcement was made through the PS5 beta. But more players will be added to this list by the beginning of the NFL season in September. Stars who outperform their skills and stats but are weak in the X-factor level are allowed to continue. Although this is new for Madden NFL 23, it is a hot streak. This symbolizes that one or more players will begin their game by activating their X-factor skill.

Bye Week Situations

Bye weeks are those times when a football team attains a week off to rejuvenate from the grueling continuation of the NFL season. This is yet another feature to get an upgrade in the coming season of Madden NFL 23. To your surprise, EA Tiburon has already updated franchise mode. This was done during the year, and an addition to the bye weeks was also announced for the season that came into effect from April.


Crossplay for the Madden NFL 23 was not officially announced till now. Unfortunately, it might not be implemented in the zone for the recent iteration of EA’s football tournament before its launch in August. One of the largest developers in this zone of EA, they have yet to grow the seeds of crossplay. The following generation hardware will be treated to a crossplay update with context to FIFA 22 to embark on a tinch of hope.

Team Mode is Still Missing

The create-a-team mechanism is still missing and will probably not make a return in Madden NFL 23. However, it was one of the most requested features from the fans section for the gaming series. EA Tiburon has claimed they will adapt feedback from earlier renditions into Madden 23. Hence, you can conclude that they are confounding an opportunity to personalize your team from a sequence of random options and craft a fantasy franchise by selecting NFL players on your own.


Madden NFL 23 is considered an offensive game to have received a considerable overhaul comprising runners who slow their pace. This assists in transferring weight or performing ultra-fluid 360 degrees for changing directions. Similar to the offense, NFL 23’s defense gets an update too.

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