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Is BeReal Safe To Use?

BeReal, a brand-new social media app, has recently dominated all “Most Downloaded Apps” charts. You only get to snap one photo per day, and you never know when it’ll happen during the day, is the core idea behind it.

However, you should spend some time determining whether a new social media app is genuinely safe to use before using it, regardless of how well-liked it may be.

Because of this, we examined BeReal’s privacy statement and created this guide outlining all the data and information it collects, how it stacks up against competing applications, and what you can do to stay safe while using it.

Generally speaking, there are three types of data that BeReal sees: personal data, device data, and content data.

Personal information
You need to enter your name, birth date, and phone number to register for BeReal. BeReal stores all of the data on their servers even if only your name is visible to the public and uses it to identify you when you log in. It remains on those servers for three years after your last usage of the app or until you ask BeReal to delete it by getting in touch with them.

You must also create a username for them. Although less private than the other pieces of information, it can still be exploited to locate other accounts if you use the same username across other apps.

Finally, BeReal will ask for access to your phone’s contacts list continuously. You may quickly add those people to your friends list by knowing which of your contacts have BeReal accounts by doing this, but doing so also means that BeReal’s servers will store all of their phone numbers.

Data via Your Device

BeReal detects the type of device you’re using, the iOS or Android version you have, and your IP address as soon as you launch it. Most websites and apps operate in this manner.

BeReal is also informed of your general location via your IP address. However, the information usually only includes the city you are in, and you may even fake your IP location by using a VPN.

Finally, BeReal is aware of how frequently you use the app. Although this isn’t really sensitive information, some users might not like an app documenting their every app opening.

All of this data is retained by BeReal for two years.

With all of this considered, BeReal seems to be a safer app than lets say TikTok but should you still have the feeling you’re being watched:

You can request early data deletion from BeReal.
Even if you delete your account, BeReal retains the majority of your personal data for at least two years after it is gathered. However, you can ask BeReal to delete that data on your behalf if you choose to.

You can reach BeReal by writing to them at 30/32 Boulevard de Sébastopol, 75004 Paris, France, or by sending an email to contact@bere.al.

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