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Spy Verity – The Ultimate Spy App

There are plenty of legitimate reasons why you would want to install a spy app on your phone. For parents, you might want to keep tabs on what apps your kids are using and what they might be texting or viewing. For others, you might want to keep tabs on your own phone and see whether someone is violating your privacy.

One of the best spy apps on the market today is Spy Verity. Designed to be used on any Android phone, Spy Verity is extremely easy to use. Simply pay for a license to use it, download the app from the Spy Verity website and then install it. You don’t even need root permissions to install, making it extra easy. Once you’ve got Spy Verity situated on the intended Android phone, you can immediately start monitoring a slew of content.

Using it as a parental control app, you can keep an eye on all incoming and outgoing text messages, including any photos or videos that are sent or received. It also includes a call log that shows you who’s on the other end and even records the calls so you can hear what is being talked about.

Outside of the native message and call apps, Spy Verity also helps you keep a pulse on anything happening on Facebook and WhatsApp. Again, without any need for root permissions, you can see exactly what is being sent and received through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Now, we know as parents, you are probably worried about more than just messaging apps. How about social media and other addictive and possibly harmful apps? Well, Spy Verity helps with those too. This includes Instagram, TikTok, and others. The App Monitor feature will begin recording a video whenever designated apps are opened so you can see exactly what’s happening on the screen.

They even throw in monitoring of the internet browsing history for safe measure. You can also view all images and videos in the photo gallery, even the ones that have been deleted. Spy Verity really covers it all.

In addition to app, message and call monitoring, this parental control spy app also includes a GPS feature that allows you to track where the Android phone is at all times. With a ton of other features, this is the ultimate spy app for those looking to install parental controls on their children’s phones.

Spy Verity is completely undetectable on the phone and doesn’t include any Spy App link for marketing or other signs that the device is being monitored. You can access all the information being gathered on the Android phone from a protected control panel that’s accessible from any internet browser including those on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

You can get started with Spy Verity by visiting this Spy Phone App official website and purchasing a license.


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