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Amazon Releases New Fire TV Omni QLED, Halo Rise and Kindle Scribe

Photo: Sunrise King

By: Nick Gambino

Amazon held a hardware event on Wednesday where they released a slew of new products. Top of the list to cover is the Halo Rise, Fire TV Omni QLED Series and Kindle Scribe.

Halo Rise

In addition to tracking steps and other fitness activities, wearable devices prove to be a boon for those looking to lead a healthy lifestyle. The problem is, wearing a watch at night is a pain. I don’t know anybody who likes doing that. Well, Amazon has come up with the a solution – the Halo Rise.

This device promises a no-contact ability to track your sleep. It looks like a futuristic alarm clock that sits on your nightstand. Using environmental sensing and other sensors, it can detect your sleep patterns. You know, just in case you felt a leering robot while you were sleeping was missing from your life.

Fire TV Omni QLED Series

Amazon’s newest TV doubles down on its promise to be a smart TV. It can detect when someone walks in the room so that it turns on ready to be used. Likewise, it will turn off when you leave the room. But the idea is that the guy is kind of always on and it will serve a purpose. Namely, it will act as wall art, displaying one of the many landscape paintings in its gallery.

Adjustable brightness is a big thing with the Fire TV Omni OLED. Similar to how your phone’s display adjusts based on the level of light emanating from your surroundings, this TV will adjust its brightness depending on how bright or dark it is in the room.

This high-res television has added in both HDR10+ Adaptive as well as Dolby Vision IQ for an even clearer picture. And of course, because this is an Amazon product, Alexa is built right into the smart TV.

Kindle Scribe

The newest Kindle offering is a departure from other e-readers. The Kindle Scribe is meant for the doodler. It sports a 10.2-inch display that you can draw on, take notes, etc. with the companion pen. It’s not just for idle doodling of course. You can use it to review documents and important PDFs while also making your hand-written notes.

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