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Polygon, Big Eyes Coin And Chiliz: 3 Coins That Are Trending In The Crypto Market

Markets are packed with coins that can earn you profits with price variations. However, we don’t see many coins bringing solutions to the problems in the blockchain or our daily lives. Much of it is settled by introducing Big Eyes (BIG), Chiliz (CHZ), and Polygon (MATIC). Not only are they proving themselves capable of tremendous growth but at the same time giving back to the community.

Polygon: Flexibility, Scalability And Sovereignty

Polygon (MATIC) is a blockchain-based platform determined to make the Ethereum blockchain more advanced and efficient. With increasing flexibility, scalability, and sovereignty, it offers nearly all solutions to Ethereum’s problems, such as high fees, low transaction speed compared to its competitors, and much more.

Polygon holds the ability to develop custom blockchains or deploy the existing ones making other projects compatible with Ethereum. Furthermore, it offers no minting charges for users to deploy their NFTs on the Polygon network. These benefits have propelled people to  buy MATIC instead of Ethereum as it offers advanced incentives, easier user interface, while also making it cost-efficient instead of high fees.

Chiliz: Provides Entertainment And Utility

Chiliz (CHZ) is an ERC-20 token that intends to bridge the gap between fans and sporting clubs. It has also been among the popular projects due to partnering with some leading sports agencies and clubs such as UFC and FC Barcelona.

Chiliz (CHZ) has a market cap of $1 billion and is currently available for under a dollar. The use of smart contracts on the platform allows fans to participate and vote the club related discussions. This enables sporting institutes to connect with their fans on a wider scale and get their response.

Moreover, the platform offers fan tokens that enable carrying out the tasks mentioned earlier. These tokens are limited in number and can be purchased through the CHZ token. In addition to that, CHZ tokens can also be used to purchase NFTs.

Big Eyes Coin: On Its Way To Become A Shiba Inu Killer?

Big Eyes (EYES) is a meme-based decentralised finance token built on the Ethereum blockchain that uses the Proof-of-Stake mechanism. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is different from other meme coins as it has introduced an NFT Club and an NFT collection called Sushi Crew. Moreover, it will be supplying 5% of its coins to charity to improve the state of oceans and marine life.

There is a total supply of 200 billion (BIG) tokens. 70% of it will be sold in an online presale, 20% will be given to crypto exchanges, and the remaining 10% will be evenly split between the marketing budget and the charity.

Currently, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is offering a presale to its customers with the price being as low as 4117.65 tokens for just $1, but for a limited time only because once it gets published on Uniswap, the price may skyrocket. Big Eyes (BIG) have raised more than $7M so far, showing immense potential.

How to benefit from Big Eyes (BIG) presale?

Big Eyes (BIG) presale is live, meaning users can grab BIG tokens at a lower price than when it arrives on Uniswap. Users are required to visit the presale page available on the official website, connect their wallet and transfer the funds in USDT or ETH. Once completed, you will be able to receive your token at the end of the presale.

To Sum Up

Users can make profits by investing in any coin that has the potential to rise. However, finding coins that can increase the chances of profits is difficult to find. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) checks all the boxes of a good meme coin that provides value and is entertaining.

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For more information on Big Eyes Coin (BIG), you can visit the following links:

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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