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GillyGro – The Perfect Backpack For Any Parent

Hey, guys, so today we’re talking backpacks, specifically, backpacks for parents. And as a parent, this actually sings to me pretty well. So for today’s demonstration I’ll be using the GillyGro Bundle Kit which comes with a backpack, an organizer insert and a cross-body shoulder strap. Now I grabbed it on Amazon for 149.99. So if you’re a parent and you’re gearing to leave the house with the young ones, you know that there is a ton that you’ve got to bring with you.

It can be tough to fit everything in one bag let alone keep that bag organized. And that’s where a backpack like the GillyGro comes in. It’s essentially five products in one. Now this bag has the built-in diaper changing station and a large detachable and multifunctional mat, which means parents are able to change their baby’s diaper anytime, anywhere. It’s even got a portable high chair with a five-point harness design that ensures they can’t squirm out. And the GillyGro backpack is equipped with abundant storage space, zippers and compartments so parents can pack whatever they need.

When it’s loaded up, the add-on accessory organizer insert offers nine extra pockets and two insulated bottle pockets so you can carry more and stay organized. GillyGro Backpack grows with your baby too. This will be the only bag that you’ll ever need. So for more information about the GillyGro Backpack Bundle Kit head over to gillygro.com. And to check out different products that we’ve reviewed visit newswatchtv.com.

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