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5 Expert-Approved Ways To Avoid Bad Dreams

If you suffer from frequent nightmares, there are ways to prevent them. One way to avoid nightmares is to identify what triggers them and try to stop them before they start. Other methods include relaxing before bedtime and avoiding nighttime snacks. Talking to a doctor can also help.

Expending Pent-Up Energy

Expending pent-up energy can lead to creative and new ideas. It is important to implement these ideas one at a time. Your soul will love you if you take action on what you are inspired to do. Otherwise, pent-up energy will build up.

Relaxing Bedtime Ritual

One of the best ways to prevent bad dreams is to develop a relaxing bedtime ritual. Your body and mind will be more relaxed before bed and you will be more likely to sleep through the night. This ritual can be anything from meditation to gratitude journaling to self-massage. Keeping a diary during your bedtime ritual can also help you to relax. If you have bad dreams often, writing them down can help you process them and avoid the negative consequences of them. 

Also try to sleep in a neat and clean bed. Try to wash your bed, pillows, blankets regularly. In case of pillows there are multiple techniques of washing pillows. You can follow them and keep yourself away from negative dreams. 

Taking Sleep Medication

If you suffer from frequent nightmares, you might consider taking a sleep medication to treat the condition. Many of these medications will block REM sleep, which is known to be the source of nightmares. However, there are also alternatives that can help you get a good night’s sleep. One among them is sleeping in a proper size bed. An eastern king bed for two people is ideal bed size but there are other bed sizes as well that can be chosen as per need. Also there are mentioned the other alternatives of good sleep.

First, you should consult your physician. The physician can perform a physical exam to rule out underlying conditions that might be contributing to your bad dreams. He may also ask you about your family history and discuss possible treatments. He or she may also recommend talking to a mental health provider about your experience.

Some drugs can cause nightmares, including antidepressants. Many of these drugs can alter the brain’s response to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps us feel calm and relaxed. Also, many antihistamines, including a common prescription drug for Parkinson’s disease, can trigger intense dreams. Drug withdrawal from illegal or legal substances can also cause nightmares. As a result, you should avoid these drugs to reduce your risk of nightmares.


Oftentimes, bad dreams are triggered by stressful situations. Whether it’s a recent move or a family emergency, nightmares can cause distress for a person. They’re also commonly associated with sleep deprivation and insomnia. In addition, some medications, such as those for high blood pressure and Parkinson’s disease, can trigger nightmares.

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