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Cryptoons (CTOONS) Merges Art and Blockchain, Taking out the Likes of HexCoin (HEX) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) off the Crypto Landscape

Digital assets are quickly picking up the pace over the last few years. With the security of blockchain technology, it is a smart decision to own and manage digital assets. The issues of Ownership, Security, and Accessibility associated with owning assets have been easily addressed.

Cryptoons (CTOONS), to increase the adoption of digital assets, has observed the need to own and manage comic books, mangas and webtoons digitally. In addition, they are working on a launchpad exclusively to release comics by storytellers and artists. This idea is novel and allows users to discover the amazing benefits of web 3.0 while doing what they enjoy the most, Reading. This sets Cryptoons (CTOONS) apart from HexCoin (HEX) and Bitcoin.

Cryptoons (CTOON) is Bringing Financial Opportunities for Art Lovers

To thrive, new approaches and aesthetics must be introduced to the world, and Cryptoons is a fresh, creative, and inventive platform that understands this well. After noticing the growing popularity of graphic novels, webcomics, magazines, and other forms of visual storytelling, it’s clear that people crave more opportunities to indulge their passion for art. Because of the potential for financial gain for consumers and artists, Cryptoon has opted to combine the art world with the blockchain. Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) have been made available to artists and animators so that their creations can be protected from unauthorized duplication.

Members of Cryptoons perform actions on the platform using the Cryptoon (CTOON) currency. The token serves multiple purposes, including payment and voting representation. The Covid-19 pandemic sparked a massive interest in comics, animations, and visual graphic novels, inspiring the development of the Cryptoon (CTOON) token and its platform.

The Cryptoons team intends to distribute the remaining 30% of tokens (about 3 billion (CTOON) during presales after allocating 5% (0.5B) to charity. Fifteen per cent (or $1.5 billion) goes to advertising, while twenty per cent (or $2 billion) goes to charity and community projects.

Hexcoin (HEX) is the Original Digital Certificate of Deposit

Richard Heart released his cryptocurrency in 2019 called Hexcoin (HEX). Free HEX tokens were distributed to Bitcoin and Ethereum holders a year after the debut of Hexcoin (HEX). Token holders were compensated in unclaimed Hexcoin or tokens on the final day of the launch phase, known as the “BigPayDay.” Claims have been made that the Hexcoin (HEX), which can be used on the Ethereum network, is the first digital certificate of deposit to be issued using the blockchain.

Holders of a Hexcoin (HEX) can stake it in a block for a certain time. The restrictions on when Hex token holders can cash in will be lifted after this period. On February 1st, 2022, there was around $30 billion worth of Hex Coins in circulation. Staking causes one to lose one’s Hex tokens but earn one’s T-Shares. When investing in HEX for a longer time frame, each T-Share earns interest daily.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Brings a New Processing Hardware to the Bitcoin World

The Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision blockchain uses the Bitcoin SV (BSV) cryptocurrency, sometimes known as Bitcoin SV. The Bitcoin Gold network was released in 2018 after a hard fork from the Bitcoin Cash network.

Using specialised processing hardware, Bitcoin SV (BSV) miners on the Bitcoin SV network compete to create new blocks as part of a proof-of-work consensus mechanism. Data blocks of Bitcoin SV (BSV) are 512 megabytes, compared to the theoretical maximum of two to four gigabytes for the larger Bitcoin network.

nChain, a blockchain technology company based in the United Kingdom, drove the development of Bitcoin SV, and early Bitcoin Cash proponents, including Australian computer scientist Craig Wright and Canadian entrepreneur Calvin Ayre, have voiced their support for the new cryptocurrency.

Cryptoons (CTOON)

Presale: https://www.cryptoons-token.com/how-to-buy

Website: https://www.cryptoons-token.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/CryptoonsTokenOfficial

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