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Biggest Slot Machine Wins: The Most Famous Casino Jackpot Winners All Times

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All of us dream of winning big while playing online slot games. Spinning reels have scooped millions of dollars for some; it is a reality. Big casino slot game winners hit the jackpot in this gambling world, and some have received mammoth prizes. These situations are life-changing, and slot machines offer bonus features in tons. For those seeking excitement and potentially life-changing wins, exploring the best online slots Canada offers a gateway to a world of thrilling opportunities. In this article, we will look at the most famous online slots  winners and the shocking jackpot they got.

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$11.6 Million on Zodiac Casino App

  • Game: Mega Moolah
  • Date: August 2016

A woman known as D.P. won this amount, while she was playing in an online casino UK-based, the Mega Moolah, on her iPad. She was to leave for dinner, and the hired final spin scored her the jackpot; she won over $11.6 million. User confirmed her win by calling the Zodiac Casino winners team.

$11.8 Million on Megabucks

  • Game: Megabucks
  • Date: August 2017

A progressive jackpot of Megabucks is won by Rodolfo T; he was in Las Vegas at the Fremont playing, and this slot is well connected in Nevada. Rodolfo made a $3 bet and hit its $11.8 million award in this game; it was a life-changing situation. This is one of the brightest examples among the Megabucks jackpot winners list nowadays.

$24 Million on Mega Fortune 

  • Game: Mega Fortune
  • Date: 2013

Online game on Mega Fortune won a $24 million spin off from Scandinavian. Gamer was 40 years old and got this record-breaking win in 2013. He won it during its bonus round, its progressive jackpot; it was on its $0.25 bet and the user wished to stay anonymous. This is one of the lucky Mega Fortune jackpot winners that has become famous all over the world.  

$22.5 Million on Might of Ra

  • Game: Mega Fortune
  • Date: March

The payout of the online Might of Ra slot game was a progressive jackpot; its winner was a twitch streamer, Trainwreck. The impressive part is that the gamer got $22.5 million without any jackpot; this amount fell short of getting its biggest award. Trainwreck won it in March this year as a non-jackpot win.

$39.7 Million on Excalibur Casino

  • Game: Excalibur Casino
  • Date: 2003

In 2003, in Las Vegas, at the Excalibur casino, a software engineer went for a Megabuck slot machine to try his luck. On that day he won $39.7 million, which was the history-making biggest payout of this slot machine.

$42.9 Million – Resort World Casino, New York

  • Game: Sphinx Slot (Sfinge)
  • Date: 2016

A huge slot wins of $42.9 million was in 2016 in New York; a woman got it in the Sphinx slot. The name of that lucky player was Katrina Bookman, and she posed with the winning machine displaying her earnings. That casino did not accept it, and this case disappeared even after legal wrangling, so this gamer lost its price.

$35 Million – Desert Inn, Las Vegas 

  • Game: Megabucks Slot 
  • Date: 2000

Let’s consider another of the brightest and most famous examples of the biggest slot machine wins. Cynthia Jay Brennan, 37, scooped in 2000 a $35 million jackpot; she got it playing the Megabucks slot. This situation happened as Brennan was in the Desert Inn in Wynn, Las Vegas. But, she was injured in a crash and was paralyzed. Have you heard something big slot wins?

$27.6 Million – Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas

  • Game: Palace Station Casino
  • Date: 1998

A lucky retiree in 1998 spent $100 at the Palace Station Casino; the user spends this amount thrice as an investment. That day she won $27.6 million as a jackpot while playing the Megabucks machine.

$22.6 Million – Bally’s, Las Vegas

  • Game: Megabucks
  • Date: may 2002

Johanna Heundl, a player, won its massive jackpot, when he played in May 2002 at the Bally’s Las Vegas the Megabucks machine. Heundl was 74 when he won by spending $170 before that award. You can’t call him one of the last Megabucks winners, but one hundred percent – this is one of the most popular and shocking jackpots in the history of gambling.

TOP Big Slot Machine Wins on Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah was launched in 2006, which is a progressive jackpot popular in the gaming industry. This slot game distributes a pooled prize, and winning is assured even with small amounts of bets (it is possible because it is a progressive pool). Every spin offers a chance of getting real money and adds to further entertainment, offering several free spins. Consider the most famous high limit slot wins today with the Mega Moolah game.

  1. 💰$23.6 Million – Mega Moolah – Absolutely Mad 

Absolutely Mad is Mega Moolah powered, and a Belgium player logged in and tested his luck in it on April 27, 2021. It was the best decision as he won its $23.6 million prize. This one became the online casino industry’s rewarding game.

  1. 💰 $23.5 Million – Mega Moolah – at the Grand Mondial Casino

In 2018, on September 28, a name carved on Mega Moolah a history of winning jackpots. A player at Grand Mondial Casino won a gigantic $23.5 million after placing a small sum on the prestigious slot. For today, its gender, age, name, and residence country of the Mega Moolah winner stands unknown.

  1. 💰 $19.9 Million – Mega Moolah – Jonathan Heywood, U.K.

The dream of online players is Mega Moolah, which becomes a reality for a British military man. A 26-year-old soldier, Jon Heywood from Crewe, Cheshire, won there as a single spin in its progressive slot. He got the progressive jackpot, which was the biggest slot machine win ever in online gaming history.

  1. 💰 €18 billion – Mega Moolah – Anonymous at Grand Mondial

An exciting game confirms the progressive jackpot of Mega Moolah won €18 billion at the Grand Mondial Casino (its winner’s name remains anonymous). This situation is a new world record to win €18,910,668.0, its largest progressive jackpot prize on the online slot game. 

  1. 💰€6.5 million – Mega Moolah – Jon Orchard

Jon Orchard wins in a Microgaming-powered game, Butler Bingo, its  €6.5 million mega jackpot. It was the third situation of gamers winning more than €5 million. Its winner, Orchard, bought a Jaguar, quit his job, and was considering to buy for his daughter after that lucky occasion.

  1. 💰 $5.5 million – Mega Moolah – Klaus

On April 22, 2008, Klaud from Finland hit the jackpot, he won $5.5 million with a 0.50c coin, which approximated 11 million times its bet amount in the original. He saw with disbelief as it flashed on its screen 5,556,753. After this user rushed outside and saw it again, so that means ‘’yes’’ he had won it.

Shocking Progressive Jackpot Winners This Year

Progressive jackpots in games are a special payout type that allows playing online or at land-based casinos. A random probability is getting this award with each round or spin, and as it goes unclaimed, its value increases. 

$147,000 – Jungle Tumble Jackpots

An online lottery game in Pennsylvania won $147,000 for a Bucks County resident, it was paid to the jungle tumble jackpots. This game launch was in February and was its first online progressive jackpot.

£15.2 million – WowPot Jackpot

Betting £0.80, a lucky player won an award at 32RED online casino site in April. It was its progressive jackpot game’s first-ever win and this gamer got £ 15.2 million. It was an Egyptian-themed slot, and the WowPot jackpot represents the second title of four series.

£885,000 – Millionaire MegaPays Slot

An Ipswich player in September won in the Betfair Casino £885,000. This gamer did it on its 60p wager (he checked it several times). After this situation, he was planning to buy a house and a new car and visit Dubai.

€7.6 million – Hall of God’s

A Finland player on the Casumo site hit its jackpot and win up to €7,595,435. He was a new registration, and within 24 hours, won its progressive jackpot in the Viking-themed slot session, Hall of Gods. 

€19,430,723.60 – Mega Moolah Jackpot

Among jackpot winners, a whopping €19,430,723.60 was won with Mega Moolah. It was the high-record winning by a Belgium player at the Napoleon Sports & Casino. This is a reliable online casino providing sports betting in Belgium, with a strict age of admitting 18 years or older.

€7.2 million – Mega Moolah

An anonymous player at the Optibet website got lucky to got an award of €7.2 Million. In 2021, it was its 101st winner but was its second player winning at this site from the Mega Moolah jackpot.

Scandalous History in the USA!! Woman Wins 42 million on Slot Machine

A $42.9 million selfie of Katrina Bookman showed her multi-million dollar smile flash. It shows on its slot machine screen behind her as its mega-win evidence. Bookman’s voice cracks, remembering the joy that was short-lived, she said she was not new to disappointments. She hit one of the casino winners’ jackpots, which made the whole world buzz.

This gamer was homeless as she was teen and raised in foster care, she graduated high school and now raised four kids by herself. This user said the struggle went through was hard to cope with. She earmarked millions to buy her son a barber shop and to give the community a big chunk. 

This jackpot hit was at Resorts World Casino in late August, after reported her winnings and was asked to come the next day; Katrina visited it and told its casino rep about her win, but he said she won nothing. This winner hired an attorney, Alan Ripka, and he said Katrina should get at least $6500 for the Sphinx machine maximum allowed win. Finally, after all this situation, its state gaming commission said the machine malfunctioned. Katrina believes she should at least get its max payout, so she is planning to sue that casino.

Latest Slots Winners on Youtube Today

Slots are popular games at casinos, cuz fun sound effects, flashy graphics, and winning huge jackpots will attract anyone. Every user spinning reels at a casino or online can check out famous YouTube slot players. 

YouTube variants are the best channels if you love slots; some players are lucky and win online big bucks here. There are progressive jackpots to win as its biggest slots and have Instagram pages. There are many more Youtube slot wins stories and people running videos on various casino games.

<iframe width=”956″ height=”538″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/yUeKt-NTtHU” title=”TRIED EACH DRAGON LINK Until One Landed a MASSIVE JACKPOT in Vegas!” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • For example Francine Maric and Miran, her husband, are Lady Luck HQ together, and they run their YouTube channel that is highly popular. 
  • Roshtein is a Twitch streamer winning $18.7 million over reels. It happened on a Wild slot, or Hacksaw’s legendary wanted dead in the duel bonus round.
  • Scott Richter, famous YouTuber, won around $900K. This is one of the most shocking Youtube slot machine wins stories that has taken the internet by storm.

Big Slot Wins on Buffalo Gold

Buffalo slots were launched in 2008, and its Buffalo Gold version is worth trying for the run and its money. It is for all players liking slot games; newcomers can also make a solid payout, and its simplicity appeals to high rollers. Buffalo pokie machines game brings top payouts and a stampede of action, and users can play it on any device, mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

Buffalo slots boast bonus rounds to win free spins in tons, and you can augment your bankroll. This variant is a low-variance game offering 1024 ways to win; there is also a 95% RTP and a high enough payout to keep players happy. It appeals to the American theme, and fans enjoy its nostalgic soundtrack and the Wild West imagery. Name of few slot winners today are:

  • Nicolina won Triple Fortune Dragon Gold on November 30 for $121,519 at Red Wind Casino.
  • Thomas, on November 26, won $10 654 at Red Wind Casino on Buffalo Gold.
  • Elsie won $1889.4o playing Buffalo Gold at Blue Water Resort & Casino.

Valley View Casino Jackpot Winners

  1. Jason E wins on February 15, $185,216.42 playing the Triple Red 7’s slot machine Wheel of Fortune and hitting its progressive jackpot.
  2. Danilo J. playing on the Buffalo Stampede slot machine, won $59,397.29.
  3. Elizabeth P. playing on the Golden Century Dragon Link slot machine, won $64,324.01.
  4. Denise S. playing on the Dragon Link slot machine, won $83,483.31.
  5. Symia P. On The Floor Cash & Car won $25,000 on Friday, January 28.
  6. Ian M. at Dave’s $250,000 Weekend Windfall won $25,000 on Friday, January 14.
  7. Victoria B. playing Golden Century (Dragon Link), won $54,810.24.
  8. Minh T. playing Fu Lai Cai Lai, won $81,354.83.
  9. Julie playing Fortune Pai Gow Poker, won $73,173.60. 
  10. Cynthia W. playing blackjack, won $82,004.08.
  11. Eric H. won on Dancing Drums slot machine$14,046.
  12. Tonya won on Valley View Casino & Hotel’s Dragon Link $76,532.

Del Lago Jackpot Winners

Amount Slot Name
$2155.87 Lightning Link Happy Lantern
$1309.59 Dragon Flies Mighty Cash
$1240.68 Buffalo Gold Collection
$1661.29 Dancing Drums Explosion
$2070.59 Hurricane Horse-Coin Combo
$2838 Rakin Bacon
$3839.56 Big 5 Safari


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